To obtain a username and a password, please access the "Registration" menu and fill out all the required data. You will then receive an e-mail containing a username and a password to access the abstract submission platform.

After accessing the platform, you will be directed to your "Personal Area", where you should choose “Create new abstract”. The first time an abstract is submitted, it will stay in a rough sketch state. The objective of this stage is for you to verify if all is well with the data you have entered. You are then asked to either save the data as “Rough Sketch” or to “Save and Submit” it.

Choosing “Save as rough sketch” means that your abstract is not submitted yet and you can access the platform at a later moment and edit it; choosing the option “Save and Submit” means that you can no longer edit your abstract, only visualize it. In either case an e-mail message will be sent to you informing you of the stage of the process.

You can repeat the step “Create new abstract”, thus submitting more than one abstract.

Rules for the submission of abstracts

The abstracts have the following requirements:

  • Maximum of 2500 char. (including title, institutions, text, finance, bibliography
  • Formatting: Arial, size 11pt
  • Ensure that the submitted summary is correct and corresponds to the final version, as this will be the version to be published
  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically, through the Congress webpage
  • Each abstract/communication will only be considered if at least one of the authors is enrolled in the 4ş Congresso Nacional de Medicina Tropical
  • The deadline for submission of abstracts is January 31, 2017
  • Abstracts will be evaluated and selected by the Scientific Committee for oral or poster presentations. A preference for oral/poster presentation may be indicated while submitting the abstract. Nevertheless the Scientific Committee will make the final decision about how the abstract should be presented.
  • Communication of results will occur until February 28, 2017
  • Resumes that are inconsistent with the established rules will not be accepted